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denkwerk GmbH
Melinda Burmeister
Vogelsanger Str. 66
50823 Köln
Tel: 0221-29 42-100
Fax: 0221-2942-101

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denkwerk präsentiert Feridence online
[27.03.01, 16 Uhr]
120.000 neue User für Oneview (
[26.03.01, 20 Uhr]
Aktuell zur CeBIT bietet Oneview ( neue Features
[20.03.01, 22 Uhr]
denkwerk geht mit neuer Homepage online
[13.03.01, 08 Uhr]
denkwerk präsentiert Veltins weltweit
[06.03.01, 08 Uhr]
Pünktlich zum Start der Formel-1 hält Oneview in Kooperation mit dem Online-Broker Fimatex die besten Links zu Schumi und Co. bereit
[01.03.01, 11 Uhr]
Oneview und - der offizielle Möbel-Lieferant von Big-Brother - bringen das Original-BB-Sofa ins Haus
[19.02.01, 14 Uhr]
Bildmosaik als Kommunikationsmittel weiterhin auf Erfolgskurs
[19.02.01, 14 Uhr]
Oneview at Milia 2001: Overcoming the Dotcom Crisis With Award-winning Bookmark Technology
[13.02.01, 11 Uhr]
Oneview kocht und feiert mit Paul Bocuse
[08.02.01, 00 Uhr]
Oneview at Milia 2001: Overcoming the Dotcom Crisis With Award-winning Bookmark Technology

(press1: iBOT) - In spite of the Internet crisis, the world's three billion US Dollar advertising market is still rapidly growing by 80 percent per year.* Oneview, the leading Web-based bookmark service, offers new, alternative forms of advertising to meet this increasing demand. Oneview's licensable ASP technology for destination sites, search engines and Internet Service Providers matches surfers' personal interests with those of advertisers, making advertising highly more effective than just using banner ads.

"By giving Internet users worldwide access to personal and group Web bookmarks, Oneview opens up new ways to carry out permission marketing by providing pre-installed links in users' personal folders, through targeted advertising of special-interest communities, and by offering links that match the personal interests of our users," says Thomas F. Kramer, Oneview's Director of Business Development.

Oneview can be adapted to a licensee's technical and visual needs, and will increase user stickiness by allowing users to exchange links, create communities, and quickly import search results into personal folders. Oneview's ASP technology can be integrated in a seamless manner, and interfaces very well with portal and vertical sites to combine both content and commerce offerings.

Oneview's multilingual bookmark service won the New York Festivals World Medal for best info website in 2000 and the German Multimedia Award in 1999. It was also shortlisted at the BIMA Awards of the British Interactive Multimedia Association. With currently 12 different language versions, Oneview has a notable presence in Europe and is also growing fast in the US. Contracts were recently signed with a Pan-European portal site and an Eastern European national telecommunications company. The company is looking for strong partners to expand its operations in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Oneview's partner Disk'Ad ( represents the company in The Netherlands.

Oneview ( was founded in March 1999 and is financed by private and venture capital investors. With its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, the company also has offices in Hamburg and San Francisco. Oneview is a subsidiary of denkwerk, a multimedia agency established in 1995 (

See Oneview at Milia 2001, February 11-14, Cannes, France
German Pavilion, booth no. 11.02-13.05, Phone: +33-4-92 99 81 11

*Source: Barry Salzman, Marketing Director of DoubleClick, in an interview with BUSINESS2.DE, February 2001.
Further information and photos:
Oneview - World of Your Links

Thomas F. Kramer (Director of Business Development) +49-178-2942-100 [mobile]
Annabell Bijelic, Cologne (Business Development/PR Europe)
Vogelsanger Str. 66 * D-50823 Köln/Cologne * Germany * Phone +49 (221) 2942-200 * Fax +49 (221) 2942-101
Isabel Sobozinsky, San Francisco (PR Americas)
135 Valencia Street A403 * San Francisco, CA 94103 * USA * Phone +1 (415) 865-0320 * Fax +1 (415) 865-0323

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